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Support Services

FISCAL SERVICES - Fiscal Services is comprised of Accounts Payable (AP), Business Office (AR), Cashiering, General Ledger, and Payroll activities. These services are under the direction of the Chief Financial Officer, Jan Hamrick and the Director of Patient Accounts, Joan Hartley.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY - Information Technology covers a multi-faceted range of responsibilities. The primary responsibility is to keep the hospital "digitally-alive," which consists of keeping the hospital network functioning properly, installing, maintaining, and trouble-shooting all software packages used by the hospital system as well as those used by individual staff and affiliated physician office users. IT is responsible for research and purchase of all computers, printers and other computer-related equipment for Dodge County Hospital, as well as all copier equipment.

Information Technology sets up all E-mail and boomerang accounts and maintains the Intranet web pages for the hospital. They establish security levels for each system user and monitor security for breaches. The department is responsible for troubleshooting CPSI issues as well as those involving the electronic timeclock.


Additionally, the IT Department interface with Fiscal Services in regard to reconciliation of the daily cash account and special reporting requirements for the department.


PHARMACY - The Dodge County Hospital pharmacy department is staffed with two full-time pharmacists and two full-time pharmacy technicians. The pharmacy is part of the healthcare team.

PLANT OPERATIONS - Plant Operations works to provide a safe, comfortable and well functioning environment conducive to healing our patients, comfort of our visitors and a good environment for our employees.


This group works as a team to operate and maintain all facilities on the DCH campus. They provide services including, but not limited to, equipment inspection and maintenance, facility repairs and reconstruction, and landscaping. Dodge County Hospital is fortunate to have such a versatile staff.


PURCHASING - The Materials Management Department, also known as Purchasing, provides services to all departments at Dodge County Hospital. Purchasing assumes the responsibility for reviewing all products and services with the departments to ensure the appropriate range of products and par levels are maintained.
The department involves purchasing, shipping and receiving, warehousing and distributing supply items to guarantee optimal balance between quality and price. It is the department’s responsibility to safeguard the hospital's assets (inventory) through internal controls from waste, fraud, and inefficiency. This is accomplished by promoting accuracy, reliability, and compliance to procedures and operational efficiency.
Further, a continual effort is performed to find the best product at the best price, a responsibility in itself considering the changing market. In addition to procurement services, the department also handles Fed-Ex shipping, U.S. mail, inter-departmental mail, and provides pick-up and delivery services as needed.

QUALITY ASSURANCE INFECTION CONTROL - Quality Assurance supports the continual improvement of the quality of services that the hospital offers to its customers through collection and analysis of data regarding quality and quantity of services provided, and the effectiveness of those services in meeting patient needs. It ensures compliance with quality standards as required by DNV Healthcare, CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) and the State of Georgia.